Pencil Sketch – How to Draw Wonderful Realistic Pencil Sketches

how to draw wonderful pencil sketches :

Although there is different arts that make us impressed just like photography, or oil painting, pencil drawing still have its mastery especially when it looks realistic.
The secret is by using all different types of toning and shading in drawing as possible, then the drawing starts to become life.

By continuous training and exercises, the artist hands become more flexible and he understand that there is nothing complicated in pencil drawing artwork.
The most important things that the artist should know are about  techniques. By mastering these techniques drawing becomes more accurate and realistic. One of those techniques is cross hatching (it means crossed lines), circles and scribbles (shading by circular marks), or smooth shading, and use a soft hair brush to blend inside the object and cleaning a round it.
Notice that the artist must use one pencil drawing technique at least in the drawing, we must also take care about the light source, and lighting is one of the most important factors in pencil drawing because it helps to make the dimension of the object more accurate. And that’s done by using the light shading near the light source and the dark one a way from the light source.
Choosing a good quality of drawing tools like graphite pencils, charcoal, an eraser, and pencil sharpener with a good paper quality ( rough paper surface is the best), are one of effective factors to make successful drawing.
The observation skill is also recommended, by training and practicing to observe with enough time the artist can develop his skills easily.
Here is some pencil drawing tips to make your drawing better:
1-     Take your time to observe the object you draw, by looking carefully to the outer frame and inner details.
2-     Make all your tools ready to use, for example: keep your pencil sharp and prepare your drawing paper by toning before start drawing.
3-     Try to use all types of pencils shading and different line thickness that range from light to dark, and take the light source in your consideration.
4-     Start by drawing a simple soft object and take your time to observe it.
5-     Finally, enjoying pencil drawing is the best feeling to get wonderful results.

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