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Drawing can be such a great hobby, just to be able to draw something you see can be very satisfying. And you do not have to be the next Rembrandt to enjoy your hobby, as long as you like what you do, and, at least that’s my opinion, as long as you keep on improving.

Practical resources for people who like to draw

By just drawing a lot you probably will get better at it, but to really improve your drawing I think you are better of if you follow some sort of course.
I will show you a couple of drawing courses that I feel could be of interest for those who want to bring their drawing to a higher level. If you are serious about your drawing I should check them out, and see if any of them could help you to improve your drawing skills.
First of all you could watch a video, in which Leonardo Pereznieto shows you how to draw a realistic face.

Learn to Draw People

Realistic Pencil Portraits

Learn how to draw realistic pencil portraits

Although this pencil drawing course does not have any videos, I still believe it is a good choice if you want to learn how to draw good looking pencil portraits.
There are a total of 208 pages, with 605 illustrations and images, that will guide you through the entire home-study course.
The course is split up in 5 parts:
  • Eyes
    55 Pages, 127 illustrations and images that show you how you can draw realistic looking eyes.
  • Nose
    49 Pages, 163 illustrations, close-ups, and images that show you how you should draw a nose.
  • Mouth
    24 Pages, 61 illustrations, close-ups, and images that show you how you
    should draw mouth and teeth.
  • Ears
    35 Pages, 126 illustrations, close-ups, and images explaining exactly how
    to draw realistic looking ears.
  • Hair
    45 pages, 128 illustrations, close-ups, and images that will teach you how
    to draw someone’s hair the way it should be done.
Once you have gone through these 5 modules you will be surprised how your portrait drawing has improved.There are a few extras with this course as well, like 100 reference pictures you can use as “models” and exercises that are designed to help you get the most out of this home study course.
The entire course cost $47, and also comes with free updates for life.


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